2nd Grade Art

Giraffes Can’t dance

Though this assignment students learned about LINE and SHAPE drawing a giraffe inspired by “Gerald the Giraffe” from the book “Giraffes can’t Dance”. This helped them work curved lines, and positioned different line sections on the drawing so as to make the giraffe appear to be dancing.

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog

Inspired by Jeff Koons’ iconic Balloon Dog series, students created their own brightly colored balloon dog from a series of traced ovals. A few swipes of paint give the balloon dog the illusion of a round, shiny form.  Koons’ colorful Balloon Dog sculptures are so large that some are displayed outside, therefore, a cityscape is the perfect background for the collaged dog.

Britto Mixed media

Romero Britto inspires our studnets to play with LINE and SHAPE and gettingto know POP ART. Studnets were asked to include different patters in their drawings and use thick black line outlines.

Recycled Sea Life Collage

Students created their own recycled sea life pictures by using any kinds of recycling objects.Throgh this project students learn about SHAPE by cutting out ORGANIC SHAPES to make the fish and coral in their COLLAGE. Students experienced with SPACE by spreading elements across the collage background to create a BALANCED COMPOSITION.

Toucan painting

Yoga Frog

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