AP Drawing & Design

Anastasia Kim (12th grade)

The question that I attempted to answer in my projects is how does the contemporary Arabic community reflect both traditional and modern values and developments in various areas? The first few of my art pieces, my initial understanding of Arabic culture: modern day observations and interactions. However, in subsequent images, I attempted to explore the culture more in depth by learning more about the traditions and superstitious values. These images also reflect a turning point in my understanding of Arabic culture from surface to deep as I also worked with more unconventional mediums that are more common in Arabic culture—Indian ink, knitting and dyes, etc. Furthermore, further interest in Arabic culture in interdisciplinary aspects–religion, fashion, technology, leisure–to show that the community has preserved traditional values as well as integrated more advanced and sophisticated technologies to enhance the quality of living. To add, my series of projects highlights not only the aspects commonly associated with Arabic culture, but also values and issues underlying beneath the shallow perception of Arabic culture.Finally, I used a wide variety of tools to create these projects in order to convey the breadth and width of history along with growth that have both shaped the Arabic community to this day.

Anika Cho (Grade 12)

My Pictures are explorations through the idea of pet peeves and how different situations can trigger annoyance or subtle discomfort. I chose to investigate this idea through the use of various media to further explore this theme. Through my exploration, I have discovered it is possible to convey the feeling one could get from a pet peeve through the incorporation of numerous different design factors.
I worked to express the idea of pet peeves by using various techniques. I focused on factors such as composition and texture throughout my art-creating process.
I experimented, specifically with texture and composition, to establish the uncomfortable feeling of facing pet peeves.

Arina Khan (Grade 12)

How to represent the dark symbolism in the children’s novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll? The darker and more mature twist on the creation of characters and scenes from the novel are shown in the following work. From gilded beauty to death to emotional instability, the works represent the weaknesses of life hidden by the magical, bizarre events of Wonderland.

Eunsaem Park (Grade 10)

My question was how would I be able to add an unnatural element to an environment for a natural effect, and how I would be able to convey texture using various methods. I tried to pick out angles of the unnatural element that best fit the environment, whether that be slanting or standing straight; a use a specific type of the element that best matches the environment was also brought into consideration.

Jian Hong (Grade 11)

Junhyun Kim (Grade 12)

The topic of my project is Light and Shadow. The photo was taken from many angles in order to find the right composition in which the shadow of the wall formed a straight line with the outline of the wall and the building behind formed a continuous line with the wall. My idea is that the shadow shows some balance with the lightning. Among multiple shots, I selected this photo and photoshopped the shadows to increase their intensity.

Katherine Kim (Grade 11)

This body of work focuses on the idea of the diversity of clothing based on time and places. As I managed to expand the point of view, I realized that when time passes, not only the year changes but clothing also changes followed by trends. Depending on where you are, the period of time, and the situation, types of clothing changes along with the fabric. I chose to investigate this idea through the use of different media and visual representations starting from Ancient Greece(1000BC) to modern-day.

Sharin Kim (Grade 10)

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